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We are excited to bring your a range of Whisky from all over the globe. Scotland and the Whisky regions Scotch, Speyside, Highland, Islay & Campbeltown, as well as whisky from America, Ireland and Japan...

Ask our bar staff about our Whisky Tastings



Black Bottle | 40%
A blend of whiskies that offer rich notes of heavy fruit, a touch of honey and a delicate spice (nutmeg and pepper) and a lingering waft of peaty smoke.

The Peat Monster by Compass Box | 46%
This artisan blended malt (containing only single malts and no grain) is comprised of peaty whisky from southern Islay which gives it the whisky a sooty, intensely smoky flavour, while smoky whiskies from the Highland's (notably the Isle of Mull) add a touch of sweetness, spice and fruity flavours.



An Cnoc 'Peter Arkle' (An-nock) | SPECIAL EDITION | 46%
Knockdhu distillery, referred to by locals as 'the Knock' or 'an cnoc', release their whisky under this name to avoid confusion with another distillery called Knockando. This limited edition was selected by Scottish illustrator Peter Arkle and is definitely one for sweet tooth’s - creamy vanilla ice cream, sticky-toffee pudding and juicy raisins followed by a hint of orange zest. Deliciously rounded and soft on the palate.

BenRiach (Ben-ree-ahc) | 16 YEARS OLD
Situated at Fogwatt in the heart of Speyside, Scotland's largest whisky producing region, the BenRiach distillery is well known for its diversity and varied styles. This is matured in American oak casks, before a 2 year 'finish' in European ex PX Sherry casks and unusually for a Speyside malt, it has been heavily peated.

Glenfarclas (Glen-farc-lass) | 105 Cask Strength | 10 YEARS OLD | 43%
The Glenfarclas 105 is a great introduction to 'cask strength' whiskies from one of Scotland's most revered distilleries. Independently owned by the Grants of Glenfarclas since 1826, it is the benchmark for Speyside whisky for its integrated flavours of rich toffee, sherried fruits and a little hint of smoke, all perfectly balanced by a spicy oak dryness.

Glenfarclas (Glen-farc-lass) | 15 YEARS OLD | 46%
At this age the true Glenfarclas style really starts to shine. The flavours found in their younger expressions are still here, but there is much more to them. The oak comes through like fine antique polished furniture, and the sherry cask flavours are more developed, deeper and complex. The balance between the heavy fruit, spice and oak come together in one of the best and most lingering finishes around.

Glen Grant 'Old & Rare' 1975 | 36 YEARS OLD | 54%
Distilled in the spring of 1975 and bottled 36 years later, this single-cask, cask strength whisky only produced 302 bottles. There are sweet cedar tones and barley on the nose, with fruit cake and again more creamy maltyness. The finish is long, spicy and warming and runs onto a distinctive honey and crushed sugar sweetness. An elegant old whisky without any hint of overly woody flavours, a testament to the careful selection by Hunter Laing & Co.



Balblair (Bal-blair) | 2002 VINTAGE | 46%
From one of Scotland's oldest distilleries, Balblair is renowned for its sweeter, soft summer fruit flavours (green apples, fresh fruit salad) that develop on the palate with a hint of oaky spicyness. A great dram to choose if you are new to whisky or would like to experience the more gentle flavours from the Highlands of Scotland.

Dalmore (Dall-more)'Cadenheads' 1989 | 24 YEARS OLD | 46.6%
This small-batch boutique bottling from Cadenheads is from a selection of bourbon barrel matured Dalmore, only 312 bottles were produced. These American oak barrels reveal some of the hidden nuances of the Dalmore spirit with notes of mandarins, traditional home-made lemonade and hints of fruit cake. Buttery notes develop with time leading to a spicy white pepper and again mandarin note finish.

Edradour (Edra-dour) Ibisco single cask, cask strength | 57.9%
'Ibisco' refers to the unique bottle this hand selected single-cask Edradour comes in. Bottled at cask strength without filtration or dilution, it offers you the opportunity to try whisky in its most natural form which preserves all of the rich, sherried, raisiny, and chocolatey flavours and big oaky texture. Try adding a few drops of water to your dram to 'open it up' and make it more approachable as this is quite a strong whisky.

GlenDronach (Glen-dron-ahc) 'Parliament' | 21 YEARS OLD | 48%
This 100% Oloroso sherry cask matured whisky is a classic Highland dram. Complex and sophisticated with dark toffee, macerated dried fruits and a big dark cocoa chocolate flavour with a touch of sweet nutty spice. The finish is long lasting, slightly dry and ever-changing.

Glenturret (Glen-turret) |'Signatory Vintage' 1986 | 25 YEARS OLD | 53.3%
Distilled at the oldest licensed distillery in Scotland, this bottling of Glenturret comes from a single Hogshead cask, producing only 263 bottles. Creamy, heathery and full of sweet-shop fruity and suculently sweet flavours and aromas. A top class, sophisticated dram.

Old Pulteney (Old Pullt-nee) | 12 YEARS OLD | 40%
Situated in the extremely remote sea-side town of Wick, on the far North Eastern coast of the Highlands, Old Pulteney has a soft, honeyed and sweet almond (marzipan) flavour on the nose and palate. The classic flavours of Old Pulteney would not be complete without a slightly tangy saltyness that comes through on the sides of your mouth. A great dram for any time of day or occasion.

Tobermory (To-ber-more-ee) | 15 YEARS OLD | 46.3%
The Tobermory distillery is situated on the picturesque island of Mull, on the west coast of Scotland. This expression has more sherry cask influence than its younger brother which gives it a full flavoured palate, with notes of sherried fruit cake, creamy toffee and sweet spice.



Bunnahabhain (Bu-na-ha-ven) |12 YEARS OLD | 46.3%
Pronounced 'Bu-na-ha-ven', this famous distillery is situated on the northern tip of the island of Islay which is situated on the western coast of Scotland. While the island is usually known for its smokier whiskies, Bunnahabhain stands apart by offering flavours of rich honey with hints nuts, and sherry cask notes of dried fruits. True to its Islay heritage, there is a touch of gentle sea-air freshness and subtle puff of smoke.

Kilchoman 'Machir Bay' (Kil-hom-an, Mac-hir Bay) | 46%
Though they may be the newest distillery on Islay, Kilchoman's their roots run deep into the history of distilling as they grow their own barley and utilize a traditional foor malting. The nose is rich with a clean, fresh sea-air peat smoke. As you explore further there is a lovely oily sweetness that offsets the peppery smoke, and the long peaty finish has a surprising fruityness. Truly remarkable whisky from Islay's newest whisky heroes.

Kilkerran (Kil-kerran) 'Work In Progress 5 - Bourbon Wood' | 46%
From Glengyle Distillery The Glengyle distillery is situated in the famous whisky producing region of Campbeltown, on the Mull of Kintyre on the west coast of mainland Scotland. Hints of old warehouses, distant coal smoke and sea-side freshness combine with sweet and bitter orange marmalade nuiances and a hint of apple pie. Glengyle were only founded in 2006 and they are already making a big impression with their old school style that is rarely seen these days.

Springbank (Spring-bank) | 15 YEARS OLD | 46%
Truly classic Springbank, best enjoyed after dinner, or with your favourite cigar.  On the nose there are notes of Sherry, dark chocolate and Christmas cake, which continues to develop on the palate along with raisins, figs, marzipan, brazil nuts and creamy vanilla. A complex and mesmerising dram.

Longrow | 46%
Longrow is the name of the heavily peated whisky made at the Springbank distillery, and this is their latest releases. Creamy desiccated coconut, white pepper with a hint of salty brine. Sweet and incredibly oily on the palate that gets peppery and dry on the finish with a spice that makes it rather bold. An intriguing combination of flavours and textures that the Longrow make is famous for.



Elijah Craig | 12 YEARS OLD | 47%
A classic, benchmark bourbon. Rich and full bodied with warming sweet oak flavours, along with caramel and vanilla.

Willet Single Barrel, Pot Still Reserve | 47%
A quintessentially 'true' American single cask Bourbon. Full flavoured butterscotch notes, along with a smokey charcoal influence and a mouth warming honeyed and nutty finish.



Knappogue Castle (Napogue) | 12 YEARS OLD | 40%
This triple distilled malt has a creamy mellow texture with notes of tinned pears, vanilla and honey. Complex malty flavours combine with toasted oak spicyness to produce and wonderfully balanced, smooth dram. Most people are familiar with the Irish blends; why not give Irish single malts a try? Rich, full bodied and warming with sweet oak, caramel and rye flavors; thick finish with notes of licorice and vanilla."




Ichiro's (i-chi-ro) 'Malt & Grain' Black Label | 50%
A selection of whiskies has been used to create Ichiro's 'Malt & Grain' black label. Ichiro, the owner of the Chichibu distillery is said to have travelled to find casks to perfect his blend, including whiskies from Chichibu and the now sadly closed Hanyu distillery.

Chichibu, Ichiro's Malt 'The Peated' 2013 | 53.5%
An exciting release from Japan's newest distillery, Chichibu, this whisky has been made with very heavily peated barley. Bottled after 3 years of maturation, it is already displaying a rich and deeply smoky flavour. A unique and hard to get offering from Japan's craft distillery.

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